Veles – a platform for creating trading bots in the cryptocurrency market

Veles – Профессиональная платформа создания торговых ботов на криптовалютном рынке. Trading in the cryptocurrency market

About Veles Company

In the modern world, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular, and many people see them as a potential source of income. However, trading in the cryptocurrency market requires certain knowledge and skills. In this case, automated trading bots can become an indispensable tool for successful trading.

Trading bots are automatic programs that perform trading operations on exchanges. They are used to automate trading and can work 24/7 without the need for human intervention. One of the advantages of using trading bots is their ability to quickly react to price changes in the market and automatically open and close positions.

Veles is a leading company specializing in the development of innovative solutions for automating cryptocurrency trading. It was founded by a team of experienced traders and developers with the aim of providing traders with efficient tools for creating and optimizing trading bots.

Veles actively uses trading bots for its clients, allowing them to reduce risks and maximize profits in rapidly changing market conditions. The Veles team constantly improves their trading bots to make them more accurate and effective in predicting price movements.

Advantages of Veles

Veles – Профессиональная платформа создания торговых ботов на криптовалютном рынке.
Benefits of using Veles

Veles offers several advantages that make it a platform of choice for creating trading bots:

  • Veles has a simple and intuitive interface, making it accessible to both experienced traders and beginners.
  • Veles provides a wide range of tools and features to customize and optimize trading strategies. This includes the ability to use technical indicators, set entry and exit rules, as well as establish stop-loss and take-profit levels.
  • The ability to reduce the time required for data analysis and decision-making. This allows clients to increase the number of trades and maximize profits while minimizing the effort spent on platform operations.
  • Veles also provides access to an extensive historical data database, allowing you to test strategies on past data and improve your trading decisions. This helps capture trends and enhance market forecasting accuracy.
  • Compatibility with various exchanges and trading platforms. The platform supports integration with leading cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing you to choose the most suitable platform for trading.

Veles bot algorithm

Veles – Профессиональная платформа создания торговых ботов на криптовалютном рынке.
Veles bot algorithm

The bots on the Veles platform are based on user-defined parameters and strategies. They operate automatically, continuously monitoring the market, analyzing cryptocurrency data, and making decisions on buying and selling.

The algorithms of Veles bots can be customized according to individual trader preferences and can be optimized to achieve maximum profitability.

What exchanges does Veles work with?

Veles – Профессиональная платформа создания торговых ботов на криптовалютном рынке.
Exchanges with which Veles works

Veles collaborates with leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bybit,, and Huobi. This provides platform users with access to a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs and markets. By integrating with various exchanges, traders can choose the most convenient platform for their trading operations.

Veles security

Veles – Профессиональная платформа создания торговых ботов на криптовалютном рынке.
Veles platform security

Veles pays high attention to the security of its users. The platform utilizes advanced encryption technologies to protect users’ confidential information and funds. All data transmitted through the Veles platform is encrypted using SSL protocol, ensuring secure information transfer.

Furthermore, Veles implements a multi-layered security system, including mechanisms for user identity verification and monitoring of suspicious activity, to prevent unauthorized access and fraud.

If you are interested in automating your trading and increasing the efficiency of your investments, registering on Veles is an important step towards achieving your financial goals. In this article, we will guide you through the simple registration process on and getting started with creating your own trading bots.

Registration in Veles

Step 1: Visit the official Veles website:

Open your web browser and go to the official Veles website at Here, you will find information about the company, its services, and the capabilities for creating trading bots.

Step 2: Create an account on Veles:

On the homepage, locate the “Registration” or “Create Account” section. Click on this link to access the registration form. Fill in the required details such as your name, surname, email address, and password. Ensure that the provided information is accurate and reliable.

Step 3: Confirm your registration:

After filling out the registration form, you will receive a registration confirmation email. Open the email and follow the instructions provided to confirm your registration on

Step 4: Log in to your Veles account:

Once your registration is confirmed, you can log in to your Veles account using your email address and password. Log in to the official Veles website at

Step 5: Explore the Veles platform and capabilities:

After logging into your account, you will be introduced to the Veles platform and its features for creating trading bots. Take the time to explore the provided materials, documentation, and guides to fully understand the platform’s functionality and how to create trading bots.

Step 6: Create your first trading bot:

By following the instructions and guides provided on the Veles platform, you can start creating your first trading bot. Define the trading strategies, parameters, and settings of your bot according to your investment goals and preferences.

Step 7: Test and optimize your bot:

After creating a trading bot, it is recommended to test its performance using historical data or in the testing environment provided by the Veles platform. Analyze the test results and optimize your bot for better performance and outcomes.

Step 8: Launch your trading bot:

Once your trading bot has passed successful testing and optimization, you are ready to launch it in real markets. Ensure that your Veles account has sufficient financial coverage for trading and follow the platform’s instructions to launch your bot in real-time mode.

Step 9: Monitor and update your bot:

It is important to regularly monitor the performance of your trading bot and analyze its results. Make necessary updates and adjustments according to changing market conditions to keep your bot effective and yield desired results.

If you need further guidance and advice, please contact us!

Technical support Veles

Veles – Профессиональная платформа создания торговых ботов на криптовалютном рынке.
Technical support Veles

Veles provides high-quality technical support for its users. The team of experts is always ready to assist with any questions or issues related to platform usage and setting up trading bots. Users can seek support through online chat, email, or phone. The Veles team strives to provide prompt and quality responses to user inquiries, aiming to help them effectively utilize the platform and achieve their trading goals.


Veles is an advanced platform for creating trading bots that offers a wide range of features and tools for automating cryptocurrency trading. With its user-friendly interface, customizable strategies, and secure environment, Veles is an ideal choice for traders of all experience levels.

By being compatible with leading cryptocurrency exchanges and providing high-quality technical support, Veles helps traders achieve better results and increase profitability in the cryptocurrency market.

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